Plexiglas Sensor Mount


The G-Scale Plexiglas sensor mount is made up of 5 pieces of 1/4" Plexiglas.  They are screwed together to make a "U" shape with two feet extending to the sides.  Holes are drilled in the feet so that long nails or other fasteners can be pushed through to hold the mount to the ground.

The trickiest part of the construction is drilling opposing 1/4" holes in the sides on precisely 1" centers.  These holes will hold the emitters and detectors.

This was simplified somewhat by using a milling vise on a drill press

The emitters and detectors are glued to pieces of 1/4" tubing.


 A series of smaller pieces of plastic and brass tubing are inserted in front of the emitters and detectors to produce the smallest useable dot of IR light.


Sensor wiring is shown here.



The completed unit is high and wide enough to allow just about any engine and train to clear.